Esperança / Hope

We are going through a worldwide challenge in terms of public health. We are facing a pandemic, caused by a virus that is putting our health and life at risk.

In order to survive as individuals, families and societies, we have to deprive ourselves of social contacts. Our routines change, our life changes and it will change even more. We have to adapt. It is a virus, but it could have been any other factor.

Perhaps it is time for us to think and rethink what we want for our life to be as individuals, families and society. Is today’s society what we want for ourselves? Is there enough humanity in our present humanity?

We cannot change the world just because, but if we all make our personal change, the world will gradually change; and we hope that this change will be a positive change that will bring back values ​​and rhythms that have long been lost in our society.

Evolution has always consisted of adaptations to new challenges.

This is one more.

Let’s change and adapt so that everyone can be fine!

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